I’m a computer engineer interested in the survival of Endangered/Minorized/Minority Languages, promoting Cultural Biodiversity.

In 1997 I created together with a group of friends a company called imaxin|software (http://www.imaxin.com/Index.asp). We have developed applications and tools in Natural Language Processing (Machine Translation such as Opentrad (http://www.opentrad.com/), Spell-checker engines such as Galgo (http://www.edu.xunta.es/web/node/4723), Grammar checkers, Opinion Mining, BioText Mining and so on). These tools were created mostly for Portuguese (Galiza, Portugal, Brazil), Spanish (Europe and Latin America) and English.

I’m also interested in relation between Interaction IT and Society, Music, Social Innovation, Wordlwide cultures, Mountain and Travel.

I have taken part in different proactive organizations in relation to these topics such as:

  • SEPLN: a nonprofit scientific organization in order to promote all activities related to the study of natural language processing. http://www.sepln.org/?lang=en
  • Reintegrationism movement (AGAL, MDL, Assembleia da Língua, Assembleia reintegracionista Bonaval, A Gentalha do Pichel):  is the linguistic and cultural movement in Galiza which defends the unity of Galician and Portuguese as different flavours of the same language. http://www.pglingua.org/
  • aCentral Folque: Galician Center of Popular Music- a project based on study, promotion and management of Galician music with a wide and contemporary approach. http://www.folque.com/lang.php?lg=ing



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