Travel among Endangered Languages in Europe: Griko dialect (III)

Finally, we met two very interesting guys who joined us specifically to speak about the issues around Griko Language. One of them, who is a paeditric, belongs to the only family left in Bova Marina whose younger members still speak in Griko. For us, it was sad to hear this.

On the other hand, it was heart-warming to meet people who believe that the future of their variety lies in using the same alphabet of modern greek language, keeping their own words, expressions, phraseology, phonetics, idioms, etc.

Actually he invented a new form in order to Greek people undestand Griko variety. When they write a sentence with words just in Griko variety, they put a modern Greek word in brackets. For example, imagine we are using a word in Scottish English (e.g. Mankit) whose meaning is “dirty” that people from London may not understand, following this technique they would write a sentence like that:

The car is Mankit(dirty)

This way helps people read, and keep the richness and the beauty of the varieties of the language.



About jramompichel

Nasci em Santiago de Compostela (1972), mas cresci em Vigo. Cocriei a empresa imaxin|software em 1997 (já choveu) focada nas tecnologias da linguagem sobretudo na tradução automática com projetos como Opentrad ( e também no multimédia educativo. Escrevi com o Valentim Fagim o livro 'O galego é uma oportunidade / El gallego es una oportunidad'. Também participei com Sabela Fernández na gravação e no roteiro do documentário 'Porta para o exterior', coprodução entre a AGAL e Axóuxere Editora. Gosto da liberdade e do humor. Desordem é progresso.
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