Travel among Endangered Languages in Europe: Griko dialect (II)

This Calabrian Griko language is spoken in nine villages of the Calabria Region: Bova Superiore, Roghudi, Gallicianò, Chorìo di Roghudi and Bova Marina, as well as four districts in the city of Reggio Calabria, but its population is significantly smaller, supposedly around 2000.

Here you can see a map


When we arrived at Bova Marina, we were looking for people worried about this Endangered Language and we eventually found “Istituto Studi Ellenofoni” (see below in the photo), where we met very friendly people who gave us very interesting information about Griko language such as, the current number of speakers, the villages where the language is spoken, different activities organized by the mentioned Istituto and for us a very fascinating issue: How should this language be written?

They told us that there are two different ways of writing Griko:

  • People who write Griko following the Italian alphabet
  • People who write Griko following the modern Greek alphabet



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Nasci em Santiago de Compostela (1972), mas cresci em Vigo. Cocriei a empresa imaxin|software em 1997 (já choveu) focada nas tecnologias da linguagem sobretudo na tradução automática com projetos como Opentrad ( e também no multimédia educativo. Escrevi com o Valentim Fagim o livro 'O galego é uma oportunidade / El gallego es una oportunidad'. Também participei com Sabela Fernández na gravação e no roteiro do documentário 'Porta para o exterior', coprodução entre a AGAL e Axóuxere Editora. Gosto da liberdade e do humor. Desordem é progresso.
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