Why this blog?

Hello and welcome to Trip Endangered Languages blog!

I finally decided to start this blog as a way of bringing together all the Natural Language Processing initiatives around the world that are working towards the survival of threatened or minority languages.

I am convinced that if we are able to save these threatened languages from their disappearance, humanity will keep its knowledge and wisdom. The Earth will conserve its biodiversity, and the next generations will be able to enjoy all these treasures necessary for life.

You can read here an interesting article published on the UNESCO website on Biodiversity and linguistic diversity.




About jramompichel

I'm a computer engineer interested in the survival of Endangered Languages. Sixteen years ago I created together with a group of friends a company called imaxin|software in order to develop projects in Natural Language Processing mostly for Portuguese (Galiza, Portugal, Brazil) , Spanish and English and Educational Multimedia Videogames. I'm also interested in Music, Social Innovation, worldwide cultures and travel.
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